The 2010 Soccer World Cup is on its way. World Cup 2010 is going to be hosted by South Africa who is privileged to organize the great ceremony for the first time. World cup football is scheduled from 11 June 2010 to 11 July 2010. As the event is announced the first thing came in minds of football crazy fans is that will I be the part of crowd? Will I be able to get the tickets?

World Cup Tickets :
For all the soccer fans good news is that around 3million tickets areufabetบนมือถือ available for the 64 matches, which start in June 2010. Tickets are always issue of concern for crazy fans and followers of football so this year in order to shun any shortage of tickets International Federation of Association Football has introduced a new and improved system for selling the 2010 World Cup tickets. It is said about the organizers of world cup that it said would wholly boost the number of tickets accessible for legitimate football cohorts. David Will, the ticketing sub-committee chairman said that 50% of tickets fans would increase from countries qualifying for finals. And thus it is planned that 12% of the total stadium capacity would be reserved for fans of teams concerned in World Cup which was up to 8% less last time. This would be applied for first round only. In knockout phase percentage would be about 8 for these matches.

Tickets will be sold in different phases, first phase of World Cup tickets selling is already over. It ended in midnight on March 31 and was stared on 20 February 2009. The recorded applications in first phase were total 1,635,136. Roughly 30% of the applications came from the residents of South Africa and 70% came from the rest of the world.

Final match in Soccer City Stadium was most in demand for tickets along with the opening match. More than 50% applications were found to be team specific series. The whole phase completed evenly and there was no problem faced during the procedure. First selling phase was a success.