Phentermine is an effective medicine which is used for weight loss. However, the medication should be taken under the supervision of a medical professional. As far as the intake is concerned, the medication should not be taken for the long term. In most cases, the duration shouldn’t be more than 6 weeks. This is the recommended dose for those who are just starting their excursion of weight loss with diet and exercise. Let’s find out how you can lose weight with Phentermine.

First of all, it’s important to note that the medication works by suppressing your appetite so you don’t have strong ravings and desire to eat too much. Assuming you want to take the medication successfully, make sure you follow the advice of your doctor.

Phentermine and Weight Loss

Based on your doctor’s prescription, you can use the medication in the form of tablets or capsules. Besides, your pharmacist and the prescription label can also direct you. It’s not a smart thought to take a higher dose unless your doctor has advised you to do so. Aside from this, you might not want to self-medicate. Increasing the dosage or taking it against the advice of your doctor may have consequences.

The issue is that some drugs can interact negatively with phentermine. Therefore, it’s important that you follow your doctor’s advice throughout the excursion. ThisĀ Phentermine results is the only way assuming you want to take no chances.

Phentermine and Meals

You can discuss the eating and exercise guidelines with your doctor. It’s better in the event that you follow common dieting strategies like avoiding sugary desserts, processed shoddy nourishments, and non-light soda. Your meals should consist of small portions of whole grains, veggies, and lean protein. In the same way, you might not want to consume alcohol as it may cause side effects while you are on the medication.

Phentermine and Exercise

Based on your current size and fitness level, you can also incorporate exercise to your routine while on the medication. In case you are just getting started and have never done any exercise, we suggest that you take it slow. In other words, you should start with only 10 minutes of walk twice or thrice each day.

With the passage of time, you can increase the intensity and duration of your exercise. However, make sure you do it under the supervision of your doctor. Contact your doctor on the off chance that you experience problems.


It’s important to know that there is a difference between the fen-phen, the banned medication, and phentermine. Fen-phen was a combo of phentermine and fenfluramine. The combo demonstrated toxic and caused heart valve disease. On the other hand, the use of phentermine alone is safe and has not caused any complications so far.

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