Having fun and at the same time testing our minds, what a great idea! In fact, that’s exactly what you get when you play escape games: a few minutes of really relaxing good weather and a great intelligence test. So, get ready to push the boundaries between the real world and the online world and put all your senses to work, as you have just been locked in a room from which it is seemingly impossible to escape!

In a nutshell, let me tell you how these games work. It can be a common room, a hotel or even a kitchen where you suddenly discover that you have been locked up. After you get over your surprise and get over your brief moment of panic, you should start scanning the inside you are in. in its even more insignificant objects (at least at first glance). Usually like a saving anchor, thrown at a cartoonist, immediately after you find yourself trapped in that specific room, in most escape room games a cut scene appears that sets a certain context. They tell you the mysterious ways you have landed there and sometimes very useful information about that strange place you are. It’s pretty scary, but at the same time very exciting, right? hero of the same game you are playing!

So, we have this part cleared up: in every room escape game there is a locked room from which you have to figure out how to escape. Its second main feature is that the room is always full of hidden clues as to how you could find your way out. Scan everything, don’t scan any objects that you might find in your room. You can also rely on your mouse to highlight objects on the screen or move around the room. Some items are themselves the clues you need to gather to ensure your escape, but others ยูฟ่าเบท  must be used in a certain way or interact with other objects in the room and contribute to your escape plan. So dear Sherlock Holmes, make a great team with your own computer mouse and start opening the doors, the drawers, don’t let any hiding place escape you until you have found all the “key objects” that will help you solve this. mystery! The clock is constantly ticking and where do you add that in many room escape games there is a really intricate maze made of several rooms, not just one, that you have to go through until you find the exit of this puzzle?

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