Many people thought it couldn’t be done — that is the dreaded 0-16 record the Lions suffered in 08′. Accumulating an 0-16 record was less likely than going 16-0, which the New England Patriots accomplished in 07′ just a year prior. The Detroit Lions from 99′ — 08′ compiled an astonishing record of 48-112. If the Detroit Lions were in a European soccer league they would have been demoted to another level — or even disbanded the team and redistribute the players perhaps. It has been one bad draft pick after another for the Detroit ufabet ทีเด็ดบอลสเต็ป Lions, nothing has worked.

Since a team can’t do worse then an 0-16 record, there is only room for improvement. The Detroit Lions did improve in one aspect — that was drafting number 1 pick QB Matthew Stafford. The Lions have had high draft picks for a decade and it got them an 0-16 season, Stafford will have to be the second coming of Joe Montana if the Lions hope to turn things around. It really is unfair to throw a QB into such a disaster of a team, but it happens — QB Troy Aikman started for the 1-15 Dallas Cowboys in 1989, the Cowboys won the Super Bowl 3 seasons later.

With Matthew Stafford and WR Calvin Johnson, the Lions have a nucleus in place to start a respectable franchise instead the butt of jokes for once. The Lions finally won a game after a 19-game losing streak defeating the Washington Redskins in week 3. The previous win came in 07′ in week 16 against the Kansas City Chiefs.